Forums Header

I’m glad to see an attempt to unify the various Unreal sites by bringing the main site’s header to the forums here. Little things like that help the user experience immensely.

However, do keep in mind there is a dark theme for the forums. Very jarring opening this on my bright monitor (I keep white background websites/applications on a monitor set to minimum brightness) and having a bright white header staring me in the face. :slight_smile:

I noticed this too; But I’m sure it’ll change in time. There’s a LOT of changes going on (With the Wiki, The main site, The web marketplace .etc) so I assume that they’re putting things in place before tweaking everything :> Especially since GDC is right around the corner!

Yeah , it’s very cool , now , no need 2 buttons in my favorie bar for the doc & forum , it is very wise, well done.
I am using the dark theme too , but it’s not a problem…

Thank Epic