[Forums Feature Request] Please enable strikethrough ;)

AdminCP > Custom BB Codes > Add New BB Code

Fill in the fields as follows:

Title: Strike
Tag: strike
Replacement: <strike>{param}</strike>
Example: strikeout text
Description: The tag allows you to display crossed-out text
Use Option: No

You can create a custom button for it if you would like… but just having the option to have strike-through would be a good “quality of life” improvement. Thanks!

Hi SaviorNT,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see about setting this up.

I know this seems like a simple solution, but we actually had some blockers.

We were afraid that we weren’t going to be able to implement…

But then we found a solution. You can now do strikethrough with strike ] and /strike ]


Awesome. tried using /strike just a day ago and I was sad. :frowning:


Great news, thanks!

Does this work on BPs ?