Forums are cluttered up with repetitive threads asking identical questions !!!!

Why aren’t you enforcing stricter policies on what people are posting?
I must of seen at least 25 threads where people are asking the exact same thing, (obviously because they haven’t bothered reading other forum posts.)
It’s almost unusable in less than a month and completely useless for anyone wanting assistance.

You could start by deleting, (not closing) almost 75% of the threads on here to make it useful! Otherwise like the UDK forums, it will be pointless visiting for help.

The answer hub is the same, so full of repetitive questions by people who clearly can’t read, or can’t be bothered to check. So now it’s become useless! It took me nearly an hour to track down my own question to Jeremy Ernst because of the clutter.

I know it’s not your fault’s personally, Epic staff, but you have to clamp down or warn people by sending a circular PM explaining the forum terms and conditions. No one reads sticky’s on forum guides or rules, so they need to have them in their inbox.
This should also be part of the forum conditions for joining, a small warning about posting unrelated topics, repetitive questions and so on. In some cases I can see why kids are doing this, but not when I see post that says for example, “help needed with fbx import”, then not two threads below that, “fbx import not working”
Those are just examples and not actual forum posts.
People who haven’t subscribed to UE4 shouldn’t be allowed to join these forums either, because what use is a forum offering tips on “content creation” or “community content and tutorials”?
Only allow them access to general enquiries until they show some cash :wink:

I don’t agree on the last part Dave (“People who haven’t subscribed to UE4 shouldn’t be allowed to join these forums either”), but generally speaking I’ve been feeling the same way for the last week.

However, I think the reason we don’t see that here, is simply because Epic is going to gather the community “again” since the launch of UE4, so I imagine they don’t want to risk that by applying a more strict rule for these forums, which is understandable. That makes even more sense for this very sub-forum, feedbacks.

Now of course, they might go at it after a while, maybe a year or so, once the whole community (the old one and new additions) are here, but not yet.

I don’t see the issue. Asking is more of a viable route given that while some questions may be similar, there will almost always be a unique underlying cause due to the nature of each individuals situation. For example, I have an problem with terrain holes not working properly. Someone had the exact problem as me and found their solution, however their solution didn’t work for me. I’m not saying all cases are like this, but neither is the one size fits all approach. It’s natural for some to search for a solution online to an issue before making a post, but some prefer to have a more direct line. Epic seems to be on course to becoming much closer with the community, having a strict policy on forum interaction regarding queries will only make people less inclined to post and become involved. I also fail to see the reasoning behind the assumption that all of these people are kids. Stereotyping is very unprofessional.

Epic should make a welcome page integrated inside the editor for the first subscribers that gives links to all of the documentations with huge caps, and make the search bar in the forum and AnswerHub as large as half of the browser.

Joke aside, i think most people have the perception that the engine is new and there can’t be many information on it in the forums(and AnswerHub) yet so they are bypassing the search bar to “save time.”

I also think like that, because before people buy a product, they want to have many informations about it and a forum is the best way to get those information.

“Otherwise like the UDK forums, it will be pointless visiting for help.”
I dont really know what you mean, you always get a answer/help in the UDK forum :wink: I was a pretty active member there and nearly every question that I saw was answered.