[Forum] Whenever I post a thread, epic never reviews it?

Hey guys, I don’t know if this is for Rocket questions only, or if I can post questions for the rocket forums too, but imma try anyways. Whenever I post a thread, it says it will not be visible until epic reviews it. I wait a few days, checking my Latest Started Threads & Latest Posts on my profile, but it never shows up. This happens with all of my posts to, is it not going through or something?

I approved your thread. it was the only one I saw awaiting moderation. Are there others?

This is generally only for a short period when a new user signs up so hopefully it won’t be an ongoing problem. I will see if there is anything we can do to remove those restrictions for you and other new users.

Hi Evan,

We have accepted your Rocket thread and all of your posts, and will look into lifting the restriction.

I do see that you still have one thread requiring approval in the public recruitment section, although I cannot accept it as it currently stands. In the thread you mention that you are using the UE4 beta, and the information regarding the beta is not meant to be publicly disclosed.
See the link for more information:

Once you revise the post, I will approve it.


Okay, thanks, I didn’t know a was breaking the rules. I will revise the post, how do I get to it?

Nevermind, I took care of it for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks! My posts show up on my profile now :slight_smile:

Ah okay, I guess it just doesn’t show up on the latest threads filter? Thanks for trying to remove the restrictions :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks, I didn’t know a was breaking the rules. I will revise the post, how do I get to it?

I am having the exact same issue, did this ever get resolved, I cannot post on the Unreal Forums and cannot find a link to ask a moderator for help. I submit the new thread and click submit and then it looks like it worked and takes me back to the forum but my post is not there. No error, no message and no post, I even looked under my account and there are no post listed or messages to me saying there is a problem.

Im having the same problem, recently registered and im trying to get into unreal, found a topic where they discuss this ‘RuntimeMeshLoader’ plugin but i cant seem to reply, and the main problem is that there is not much about it at all or any similar plugins, so its all ive got at the moment and i cant seem to reply to it.

When you submit your first posts it will not tell you that you have to wait for a moderators approval so you are stuck wonder what is going on. You just have to wait until they approve it.

Hi… having same issue. Made a few posts but none are approved and they do not show up in my Message Center Moderation folder either. Trying to get help with Source Control crashing. Is it because I am using git (beta) and the beta keyword is hanging up approval? Please help, would like to join the conversation! Thanks…