Forum vs Answers

Hey. Whats the difference between and I know answers is more like stack overflow but if I have questions about blueprints or PBR materials is it better to ask in the forums or the answer hub?

General questions or help, the forums are a better option. If you think something is broken or not working, Answerhub. Something in between, try both.

Personally, I prefer AnswerHub, as the quality of the answer (and question) is reviewed by up-votes, and properly sorted for later use. Forum answers are too spread out to be helpful.

Forums are great, and may even get you an answer more quickly, but the community benefits more from people using AnswerHub.

Forum are more to rambling… contain a lot of noises… and not needed to be solved.
Answers are probably part of the KPI… they need to be attended, grouped, solved. Not solved answers are probably marked too.

I agree with @jezcentral, the hub is really for problem solving and not for chatting, that said, sometimes people tend to use it as forum too so it does require a lot of community love to ensure the quality is high enough. Same gores for the wiki, those two without a really dedicated community could not exist.

You can receive quick answer from here (Forum) from friendly member. Very helpful.