Forum Topics: Windows Development? Bug Report?

We need another topic for Windows Development by itself. As well as a Bug Report

I know there’s already a lot of topics on most areas concerning development but no where to target development specifically for windows environment. Concerning things like packaging, actual game build settings etc.

Bug Reports, I know you have a system setup, but a forum topic would help too. Most can’t or won’t go thru that process for especially little things that pop up.
Especially with the little things like (Hint) Mouse resetting itself to 0,0 screen coordinates when clicking in an edit field when setting up defaults, as well as clicking in fields in TimeLines. (Hint) :slight_smile:

On another forum subject: while posting a topic thread, I couldn’t find a ‘Cancel’ button to exit out, received a ‘Leave this Page/Stay on Page’ message instead when trying to exit

You can report all bugs directly to us here: If you categorize your question as a Bug Report, we will make sure that a technician investigates the issue.

Luckily, that one is fixed internally. You can get the fix off of github or by using the 4.6 preview (though that is still in testing).