Forum theme UX

Did not know if this would be the most appropriate place but after all it’s Feedback for Epic.

The forum colours are NOT good for UX. Your links do not contrast with the text and are not that easily discernible, among other things.

Could you please provide additional themes that offer higher contrast; also day and night themes (some people like bright, other dark), etc?

There is a huge number of themes on the Web you could pick from so this should not be a problem at all.


I vote for Black/Dark/Night theme.

Me too!!!

Just wanted to give you a quick update from the original thread about the darker color scheme here:

After chatting w/ our forum folks, it is definitely in the backlog. They are working on mobile improvements/tweaks at the moment, and we hope to be able to offer a darker color scheme option as well as other UX tweaks after that is complete.

There are a few changes that were made to these forums that make the dark scheme a bit more work than it probably seems like it should be, so don’t want to give a specific ETA. They are in the plans though!

Keep the forum improvement suggestions coming please! =)