Forum text black when logged in

I can’t see the forum text when I am logged in. When not logged in text is white and I can see it. I assume i have dark mode set somewhere but can’t find how to change.


go to your profile preserences (click on the human head icon, then select preferences)
then select “Interface”, and then select a “Theme default” color scheme.


Thanks so much. I could not see those menus under account due to black text. All fixed now.


Hey thanks foer trying! However I can’t find any theme selection…

Same here. Who the heck decided black text on a near black background was a good idea. Who the hell is in charge of the forums.

Yeah, it’s a big mess right now.
There’s a custom forum theme for Stylebot chrome extension though, give it a try until the Epic forum team wakes up an resets all user’s themes to a default.