Forum suggestion: reporting a user profile.

Being able to report a user from their profile would come in handy, especially when it comes to the “black magic” spammer(s).

I think just being able to report the post is enough. The mods will see the spam, and then disable their account immediately anyway.

it would be pointless because as soon as the spammer gets banned he just makes another profile and does it again anyway.

The only time I have ever seen as an is when they start posting messages to their profile instead of in a thread.

You would never see usually, but I try and follow the forums using the Activity Stream, where you will see these posts pop up sometimes. I think there is a setting to ignore these as well in your user settings, so for the most part it isn’t an.

Whenever you report or we see one of those black magic spams we ban the user and delete all of their threads, so there is no need to report the user profile.

Profile messages are disabled since it is a pretty much useless so that’s not a problem anymore.

Hey there, Reporting on the posts gives us and the mods direct context to the situation by giving us a reference to the infraction. As mentioned by others, the Spammers are typically banned when we get them. I can explore the use cases for reporting users directly, but its much more difficult to police, as there’s little or no context.

here and now , 3 spammers with 40 threads open in 5 minutes , need better protection vs bot spammer and flood…
can not report 40 thread on 3 pages :confused:

Need ban by IP, Mail , profile etc… All

if you do not Subscription and you are new , the First Thread need to be approved by moderator
problem solved :o

you mean 1 spammer with 3 profiles:p, you would have thought he would have given up seeing as how all his accounts get banned and posts deleted.

Pretty much pointless. They are spam bots. Also UE4 forum is not the only place that is been targeted.

You don’t need to report each. Just one is enough, as most of us will also check what’s going on and kill any other spam.