Forum Suggestion - Ability to search non-UT boards

It would be really great if we could search the forums without results from the new UT boards being shown.

The reason for this is that the two communities are slightly different and results from UT and numerous and currently amount to “please include this, I want this …” whereas actual answers to UE4 questions are found in the rest of the forums for the same topic.

Basically some way to stop UT related search results from swamping other search results (due to the two communities being somewhat for different audiences)

+1 for that.

Using the Search tool was frustrating for some before UT already and now it is even worse.

You can already do it in the advanced search settings, though I agree, making a simple checkbox for it would make it easier.

Till that happens, go to the advanced search, and under the first tab, select all “individual” forums except UT and save the search preferences at the bottom. That should make is as default behavior for you.

deja vu +)


Not the same thing at all. Read the threads once before posting.

We need a way, on an individual basis, to hide or unhide boards so they never show up in searches, queries, new posts etc.

I click show New Posts and I get tons and tons of UT related posts, I can’t even see any that are UE related.

I like UT, but I don’t really care about UT posts on the UE forum - they are obstructing me from using this forum for its true purpose - the engine.

Epic, please do something about it before it really gets out of hand.


EDIT: I just thought about it more…if there was a special group for UT, anyone who is the member of it would also see the UT board. By default you would have to opt-in to be part of the group, but it should be doable in vBulletin, for each user in their forum Settings.

I agree, the boards are getting super clogged with UT topics and it makes using the search really tough. I’m honestly not sure why UT stuff isn’t on a completely separate forum, it seems like a totally different non-overlapping group.