Forum settings feedback - date format


Would it be possible to add the standard date format “ISO 8601” to this forum?
Edit: Also a 24H option?


second that. in europe we’re mostly used to, just cant get my head around mm-dd-yyyy! ^^

By default, vBulletin only allows one format, or the other…no options for both. This seems to be a common request to vBulletin, but not something that we control.


Then go by the ISO standard then :wink: <3

Btw, standards are so good to have, that we people like to have plenty of em… =P

As there are around 3,420 Million people who use the format DMY (24/12/2015)

And just 320 mil in America, than use the MDY format, Can we possibly change the date-format to the “proper” one :wink:

I vote for MM/DD/YYYY because:

  • It doesn’t take precious time away from the Unreal team.
  • Murica’

I second that. 02-13-2015 is the second day of the thirteenth month of the year 2015. 04-03-2015 is even worse. Just puzzling. If you rather don’t change that you might be change to a format that names the month :smiley: like Apr 03 2015.

When you talk causally or type the date as text you can say/type fifth of November two thousand fifteen (05 11 2015) or November fifth two thousand fifteen (11 05 2015) or whatever format you like.
When you type the numbers down for the dates… I can’t for the life of me understand why you would type anything else than 2015 11 05 (YYYY-MM-DD) or 151105 (YY-MM-DD).

Numbers are meant to work with math and only the YYYY-MM-DD format for numbers satisfies this.

If you add 1 to any other number like for example with 1238 you will increment the number from the farthest right so it will result in 1239.
If you would continue on and add 1 to 1239, you would increment the number farthest to right, the 9 in this case and it will turn over to 0 resulting an increment the next number group (the “ten:s”) which is to the left of it, the number 3 in this case and turn it to 4, so basically resulting to 1240.
Same with the YYYY-MM-DD format, if you add 1 day to 2015 12 31 you will increment the group farthest to right, 31 in this case and turn it over to 1 and increment the next group to the left, 12 in this case and turn that over to 1 and increment the next group to the left of that, 2015 in this case and turn that to 2016. So it will result to 2016 01 01.

So basically when incrementing any number, you should start at farthest right and in case of a number “turning over” you increment the number to left of it and repeat recursively.

This system is what we all use for counting numbers right? So why on earth would you want to jump around with the increments like for the 12 31 2015 (MM-DD-YYYY) format?
First you increment the middle group i.e. 31 and when it “turns over” increment the group left of it i.e. 12 and when that turns over increment the group farthest to right i.e. 2015.

It is silly as if you would have written 1 234 567 i.e. Million-Thousand-Hundreds (one-million two-hundred-thirty-four-thousand five-hundred-sixty-seven) displayed as: 234 567 1 i.e. Thousand-Hundred-Million (two-hundred-thirty-four-thousand five-hundred-sixty-seven one-million).
And for the math to increment it would be 234 567 1 + 1 = 234 568 1 or if we take another number like 999 999 0 + 2 = 000 001 1… in my opinion that would be silly… very silly.

There is already an hierarchical order between year month and day, many days makes months, many months makes year YYYY>MM>DD… so representing date with numbers you have to have that structure.
Let numbers be number, let them act as numbers and let us “count” on them (pun intended) as numbers.

Had to post this after so many recent posts on this thread pinging my mailbox. :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting point F,Happy,
I remember having the same one as a child when trying to learn why time, was different to the base 10 number system, it took me ages to work out that half of a hour was not 50 mins, or that half of a min was not 50 seconds.

But time passed, no pun (ok a small one) and I grew up with both systems, well three as there was the yearly orbit around the sun divided into unequal monthly parts, I think my brain started leaking then.

If you do want a numerical date, then pick a start date, and we will all count days from there, like spreadsheets do behind the scenes.

Or better yet lets dispense with the whole orbit around the sun nonsense, and the moon demarking of the months and just use some 4 dimensional constant point in space time when needing a reference frame.

In the meantime, (sorry) but it is so mean, can we get UK DDMMYY as small to big is so much better, I found myself reading a thread all the way through the other day, only to realise that it was 4 months old and no longer relevant.


:wink: I changed my mind.