[Forum Request] Sort "Community Content"

Hey there Epic!

I was just wondering if it would be possible to sort the Community Content forum into multiple sub-forums - Tutorials, Plug-ins, Textures, Content .etc to make it easier to navigate!

It’s just an idea but it would help people find what they’re looking for!

Keep up the great work!

  • Ryan S, Project Lead @ Kitatus Studios

P.S - Who do I contact about putting my free ebooks on a section of the Wiki? Or is it a case of coverting them all into the Wiki pages manually! Muchos Love!

+1 KitatusStudios , will save i lot of time .

Why not 1 sub-forums with only Hot stuff/tutorial moved by Epic because i saw very good thread that helps tremendously like Ryan free books.

Thanks for the feedback, We are working to split things out in an appropriate way, and doing so slowly! Stay tuned, friends

It’s a good idea +1