[Forum Request] Dev Tracker

Would we be able to get some kind of dev tracker to view the most current posts made by any of the UE4/UT devs?
Much like the activity steam links up top, but just for official devs.

Yes please!

A dev tracker seems nice. However, the Epic Games staff intervention in a thread would boost the postcount more than necessary. People will ignore the rest of the threads, and concentrate more on threads in which Epic Games posted. Threads will become supra-saturated. I have noticed this on Guild Wars 2 forums. When the gw2 devs post, their post appear in dev tracker. The thread where they posted gets easily over 30+ repplies, and it eventually drives off-topic. The dev tracker will not keep the forum in an equilibrum. Each topic deserves the same ammount of attention, from Epic and community. There is no need of an artificial way to boost the attention on some threads that might not deserve that.

I like this idea. I’ll bring it up to some people and see what the forums will allow us to do.