Forum protection


I have just a few question about the forum:

-Can anyone post here, or only people with active UE4 subscriptions? (I dont wanna cancel just to find out)?
If so, cant you change it so anyone can read, but only subscribers can post or create new threads?

-Are there any ways to filter posts?
For example I would like to hide/ignore any posts that has a “981” in the title.


Afterall, this is not a simple recreational kitty forum, but a source of help for people who need support with something that helps them to pay the bills (called “work”)
While I am still a hobbiest, it is still frustrating.
I dont need a black magician from India, unless he can magically fix all UE4 bugs…!

So, I just wanted to release my discontent a little … :slight_smile:

But please, please check whats possible to fight the spam…
(But if possible without captchas)


Epic games doesn’t want to “block” people that dont have a subscription -> because probably somebody has some questions about the ue4 but he isn’t abel to post something because he has to buy the engine first :wink: + they are working on a solution, so the only thing that we can do is to wake up early in the morning deleting spam posts :smiley:


Understandable to some degree. :smiley:
But a filter would already help greatly as well. If I could block out all posts with a “981” in the title, the spam would be (mostly) gone, even if you dont have deleted them yet. :rolleyes:
In the rare case of a legit user posting a legit UE4 related threat that contains a 981, then its just tough luck, but who would do that…

At the moment, all I can do is putting the spam users on the ignore list… But that doesnt help much…


Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Yes the spam is an ongoing issue, and we are working on it!