Forum Private Message Limit

I’m sure this has been said before in various contexts, but holy moly, what is with this stupid 50 message limit?

I’ve never been on any other forum in the past 15 years that had a 50 message limit (covering both sent and received messages!!) for PMs. That’s 25 total conversations IF you immediately say “contact me another way because my inbox is full”. God forbid I want to let any important messages sit in my inbox.

Can we upgrade our PM limits to something more in line with this decade?

  • 1 second that!

+1 to this :smiley:

This is really annoying i have to delete some messages with valuable information that i may want to use later on, and i know i can backup that stuff, but still, other forums i know don’t have this problems.
And if my inbox is full it will just say " You had a message but it is gone because your inbox was full". correct me if i wrong, but now i have to ask the member to re send the message after i clean my inbox ? what ?..

+1 to this

I am okay with the message limit, just allow the system to delete the last message in the inbox box on an incoming message. so the person messaging you doesn’t get a silly message saying our inbox is full…

If several people send you PM’s at the same time, what then?
New messages are kept and old ones scrubbed… Maybe…
But it doesn’t seem like a very workable solution.

Can’t believe Epic overlooked this area back to UDK and before…
So perhaps there’s a legal reason, and limited space is meant to be a disincentive.
For example, what if Epic offered more space, teams might use it for project work.
But if a team was to fall out a legal dispute might arise and Epic’s mail system could be subpoenaed.

Chance? Anyone from Epic, care to comment?
(Post GDC of course…)

Maybe once it got to where there are no old/already read messages, it would stop it self from deleting. idk. something needs to happen imho though :slight_smile:

+1 no idea if it was changed yet

Yes, it already went up