Forum links open the first page

Since the update of this forum, all the topic links open the first page of the article, not the last one as it should be. Discuss…

Agree! Plus I haven’t noticed Epic fix anything since the new forums, just break stuff!
You may want to add feedback here or not, as Epic’s priority on Forum fixes is low!!

To Add:

  1. There’s no way anymore to filter threads by minimum number of replies / posts etc.
  2. There’s no way to Export Private Messages out to CSV or some other easy format…
  3. No way for users to SAVE Search Preferences to use Last Update not Relevance!
  4. No shortcut to go to first / last post on every page including search, like old forums!
  5. New Topics no longer has an indicator to show which posts below to which forums.
  6. No way to search Private Messages by ‘forum username’, to locate conversations…
  7. Also Likes set in the old forum plus Post-Titles are lost which breaks older threads!

In case you aren’t aware, there are two icons you can click which will take you to either the first unread post, or the last post in the thread respectively.

And… it would be great if you’d enlarge these icons, make it a lot easier to notice and use! :slight_smile:
The default size and placement are quite annoying.

that was very well hidden:)
Before there where page numbers [1]…[150] and it was obvious where to click

Hi [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER],

The thing is, those buttons seem to be absent in many other places etc.
Like in Search or from the Top-Level-Forum where they used to be iirc!
BTW: Any chance of getting a reply to the points mentioned above??? :slight_smile:

Top-Level-Forum only has link to last post, and that’s what description on the column says.
Search page has this buttons if you search for topics. And if you search for posts there will be link to post.

Hi @S-ed

Sorry, meant to clarify the old Top-Level-Forums used to have two links on the right side.
The first took you to the ‘first thread’ post, and the second took you to the ‘very last’ post.
Its helpful to have both in ongoing large threads as sometimes end-posts don’t say much.
Same for Search. We used to have the same two helpful options go to first, go to end iirc…


But either way, its a pretty small feature in comparison to the other points above.
Whereas, Epic don’t seem to realize just how essential ‘#Number Of Replies’ was.
There are hoards of unanswered threads going back years. They destroy Search!
That filter was the only way to screen those out and make searching more useful.
Saving Search Prefs is also useful, as Relevance is often useless much of the time…
Searching PM’s by forum username and exporting PM’s are both really useful too!

I won’t argue, new forums lack of many features.
Yet, it’s possible to find at least some of them now.
That’s how the search looks like: [SPOILER] screenshot.1508400302.png [/SPOILER]

Without this topic, I would never guess that that down arrow near thread title opens it at new post. At first glance it seemed like “downvote the thread to never see it again”.