Forum Like Button

So what’s with this Like button at the bottom of every post. We building the next facebook here?

Really, who actually uses that? This is a forum for developers to discuss things not a platform to share photos of kittens. Just another useless feature that creates noise on the page.

Speaking of useless features, why can we now add tags to our posts. Come on… is there really some power users that are crawling the forums based on tags? No. People just use search. Just more clutter on the page again.

Oh one last thing. Why can I flag my on posts… cause I’m going to realise I’ve writen something offensive and flag myself for punishment?

Wait I thought of one more thing… can you please put the thread page buttons at the top as well as at the bottom. Get rid of that little text box at the top to type the page number in. It is so much easier to click to the page you want than having to click into a box and type. I find myself scrolling to the bottom to click the page number cause it is quicker than stopping to type.

I think like, tags, and reporting own post, are features that were just added due to the forum upgrade. They didn’t intentionally put them there. I don’t mean to say they are useful though.
A reputation system would’ve helped motivate people to help each other out on the forums more while likes are in reality doing nothing here for anyone and disabling it would only make posts look cleaner and better.

Some history…

Upvote was there previously, but it was better before, as you could also down-vote and rate posts and threads too.
Overall, it helped you to quickly get to the right or best answer and / or cut-out many more of the less helpful posts.
Whereas the new one isn’t any use, it isn’t even in the same location, and in the forum upgrade old likes were lost!
I’d also say its less useful now, because there isn’t as much posting or traffic on the forums to care much anymore.
The forums missed out by not having ‘likes’ from the start, plus Answer-Hub’s late arrival confused the whole issue:…-the-community