FORUM Improvements

Basic improvements to improve activity, reduce spam and help users with feedback

  1. Limit amount of THREADS for new users to around 5 a day and amount of posts to around 30 a day
  2. Have a reputation counter where people get rated on a scale of 1 to 5 so we can tell who is helping most and whose advice to take seriously.
    But also have it say out of how many feedbacks that is, like 1 feedback 5/5 isn’t as good as 100 feedbacks 4/5.

Will keep adding more suggestions

Actually this was asked recently:

  1. Would stop active users sadly, because there may be active days were someone wants to answer more than 30 times. And epic is working on the spam problem.
  2. It’s there on answer hub, but we don’t want people to answer here just because they want to get some “reputation”. We are not that many here, and it is easy to say who is helping.
  1. Here is even an answer from a unreal engine dev. in your other post :wink:

As Cube2222 said, as we aren’t so many here, it’s easy to say who is helping :slight_smile:

Yeah I think a post limit is sensible.

Part of the problem is the poor navigation that you get with just a list of things to look at. So people create the same threads and answers posts because they don’t see them. What you really need is a page that directs you to the right place to discuss that issue and gives you an answer immediately, e.g. terrain displacement for footprints on snow is a Feature Request really, and it’s not supported or not working well yet, and there’s 2 threads and one answers post for it and they should all be shown on the same page really. Some of these questions have been answered months ago. Without many experts on the forums it’s going to be messy anyway though, I think.

If you are ever looking for something, go to the documentation home page (Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation), and use that search box, as it will search the Documentation, the Forums and AnswerHub all at once! It is a very valuable tool and I recommend everyone to try it out!

So before positing a thread, try to search for the text that you were going to put as the title of your post first, that would cut down on the number of duplicates immensely. :slight_smile:

I meant a post limit on NEW members only.

Even then it will cause problems, because e.g a new member with UDK experience could also post 30-40 posts/10-15 threads a day . :wink: But as Cube2222 said, epic games is currently working on the spam problem :slight_smile:

I don’t think that would be very good, it creates problems for a new user that is having trouble with the engine and needs to post more than a given value in a day to reach an answer. Plus it will not help with spam, in fact the spam here is nowhere near the level of other engines forum pages (cough CryEngi… cough). :cool:

Just as an example, I noticed that your account has 59 posts in the last 5 days since you joined the forums, which is totally fine, no issues at all, however if there was a limit, I’m sure you would have been frustrated that you can no longer post anymore on a given day, instead having to wait for the next.

Sorry to use your case as an example, I just thought that was a good way to illustrate the need for users that have recently joined to post as much as required to fix their issue. :smiley:

Be nice to get some security measures on the forums to stop all those spam bots :frowning:

Yeah, they are extremely annoying…
But Epic said that they’re working on the problem, so let’s wait…

Hi all,

As stated before we are definitely aware of the Spam issues and are looking into options to take care of it. Please bear with us while we are trying to resolve this issue.

Thank you!


The new forum black theme looks nice. However, I wish to be able to select between older blue theme and UEBlack under forum prefferences.

Forum black theme? I can only see UEgrey. Or is it going to be implemented? My eyes would thank whoever would be responsible for this.

The ability to post on the forum could just be limited to those who have actually purchased a license (even if just once and cancelled) instead of being open to everyone. I doubt the group that is posting here is going to go out of the way to pay for a license just to bombard the forum with their SPAM.

Before it is mentioned that it should be open to everyone because people may have questions before purchasing a license - aren’t those questions more suited to being asked on the Answerhub to begin with?

There are also non-subscribers posting on this forum. For example, some people are 3D artists eager to join a team. Others might want to know more things before starting their subscription. Others might wish to subscribe in the near future, still they might have useful suggestions and ideas that could improove the engine. Subscriber-only forum is not a proper solution against spamming.

Just a suggestion. Why don’t you just review the first post of a new member before he or she is allowed to post further, then grant them full access after. I believe polycount does it this way to stop spam, not sure.

That would probably require a large increase in the number of staff.

Another idea is to make registration harder. Add multiple Cappas . Also add some random technical questions, for which the users need to search.

This unfortunately wouldn’t help, as they are not “bots”, they are real people creating accounts which makes it much more difficult to block them. Epic is working on a solution though, so we need to give them some time to sort it out. :slight_smile:


It is not our goal to limit users to whether they have purchased a license before or not. This can be a good place for someone who may not have used the Unreal Engine before to ask questions and see if it would be a good fit. While the AnswerHub may be a good place to start I do believe if you want a discussion (which is not the goal of AnswerHub) on why you should build your specific game with Unreal then this would be a good place to start.

There are a number of users who have posted here gotten feedback about Unreal and then decided to take the plunge and use the engine for their development needs. Not only is Epic standing behind an incredible engine they are also standing behind this community as well. :slight_smile: