Forum for 2D?

Was wondering why there is no separate tab or sub forum for 2d games in general using unreal? Would be awesome if there was. Feels unreal is kinda neglecting 2D. Also some bone animation for 2d sprites would be awesome

Thanks just my little suggestion.



That is not a forum its just a topic. Like we have forum for android and etc. But not for 2D in separate kind of thing.

There’s also no separate subforum for UMG

2D Games have a lot of the same kinds of problems and concerns 3D Games have, just slightly flatter. If you had a blueprint question but you were using Paper2D would you go to the 2D forums or the Blueprint forums? I find a lot of UMG questions are just as much a lack of understanding in Blueprints as they are in concerns specific to UMG. If we specialize the forum areas too much, then it makes it more cumbersome and difficult to understand where people should post or search for problems they’re having.