Forum differences should remain on the forum, and privately.

First of all, I dig all of you guys around here. Oddly since moving to this new community and forum, everybody is much more open to share their workings and techy-findings with others, which I can already see is pulling this into a very tight and knowledgeable community. When I was starting out, my biggest frustration about the UDK forums was the smarter bunch among us figuring out how to pull off something incredibly cool, then not sharing even a smidgen of information about how it was done. Not even a tutorial or a breakdown, but sometimes even a link to some relevant learning material was too much to ask. This new community seems (for the moment) to have changed that mentality, which is ultimately very cool. I think that’s largely due to Epic being very personally involved with this new Engine, so kudos to them for setting a great example.

To my point… I’ve recently been posting some work to YouTube that I’m particularly proud of, given the often uphill struggle it’s been to learn how to pull some of it off. I am determined to eventually ‘tutorialise’ most if not all of my technical findings so that others can learn too. After giving some very neutral advice recently in a topic I thought was very unnecessarily heated, I’ve seen a significant down-voting spree from one individual across my entire channel, and I doubt it’s by coincidence. I’ve also received some extremely insulting comments on my recently updated blog, which is currently being scrutinized by a studio for a potential industry job. It seems remaining extremely neutral towards a ‘debate’ will still come back on you somehow.

Usually, I wouldn’t be bothered about such a thing. It’s the nature of YouTube and internet anonymity that these sorts of things happen from time to time. This one has irked me though, enough to write this. There’s the potential that the (now removed) comment spree on my blog and youTube down-votes could tip the balance with my new job potential, and after working pretty **** hard for many years and doing 18-hour days for a week to get it ready on time, it’s irked me something chronic. We’re a public forum and differences are going to be made, but they should remain HERE. These sorts of petty retaliations do have an impact regardless of how small, and can ultimately come back on you too.

The thread that I’m fairly certain contains the responsible member was derailed by a very argumentative OP so many times that it’s now locked (possibly the first lock on the new forums?). Pretty disappointing really, but there’s nothing I can do about it so I just want to comment that being hostile towards strangers will not help you or your project, politeness and manners are underrated, and criticism should be taken much more lightly and constructively.


PS Mods: I hope this thread is within the T&C’s, the forum sub-description said chat about the community which I feel this is.

Bad to hear that you have such problems with haters :(. But just ignore bad comments or even block/report them when they are posted as a youtube comment, because mostly they just come from kiddies that don’t know what they are talking about ;).

Unfortunately such stuff nearly happens to everyone that shows something to other people or give some feedback to them. For example I always get 1-2 really bad comments on my youtube channel and even on Skype, but mostly I just report them to google and block the user. :slight_smile: (I won’t post any examples now, because otherwise I will have to delete my post because of too many swear words ^^)

But unfortunately there is now way how you could avoid the stuff with the down-voting or the bad comment. You could just disable the voting and probably block the IDs from the users that are annoying you, but in my opinion that’s not a good solution.

I wish you the best that you will get that job! :slight_smile:

Hater’s love to hate but at least they do serve the purpose of at least letting you know someone is paying attention. :wink:

It’s just the way of the Internets that when the opportunity to voice one’s opinion is given as an option then you will always have those who feel compelled to tell you how you are doing it the wrong way.

As an artist in general though I do tend to revel in the behavior of others that through my actions has motivated them beyond the posting of a few cruel words and be it good or bad that should be the intent of anything considered to be a form of art.

In the mean time if they are out to troll you troll them back with kindness and as the bully they are will generally back down due to your inability to serve their needs.

Dang man I too had this issue in the past took me two years, one lawyer, and a good attitude to get past it. Sometimes these “haters” can cause such a farce your very career can be put into jeopardy. People need to learn this is peoples lives they are messing with. Fun and games can at sometimes have a costly price on the person your hating on. I known one guy back from Hero Engine that was making awesome tutorials and he was as we found out later “gay”. Thanks to some numerous threats and comments he quit and closed the channel down. Later killed himself. I am not a believer in it but I also know to keep that type of stuff to myself. Well many didn’t. So all that hard work and amazing tutorials I enjoyed were flushed away for nothing.

Point being if you want to internet box lets do it but keep it on the thread and or PM. let it die there and do not take it all over the net, what is it you plan to gain hurting someone you will more than likely never see in your entire life? Lastly never take it to such extremes on people to a personal level. negative comments will never go away and myself have been guilty of a few of my own in the past or present not sure. But just keep it civil I guess as best anyone can. Our minds can be fragile even on cyberspace.

@TheJamsh - Your work speaks for itself. When people go out of their way to make others miserable, it is evident. And I know having videos disliked and hateful comments posted is a real downer, but any true professional would skim right over that, look at your skillset, and then make a judgement. The internet is the internet. It is like liquid courage, people tend to do really stupid things they would never dare do in real life.

I think your stuff is great!
If you ever need a recommendation, give me a shout :wink:

Sorry to hear this is happening but it is to be expected on the internet, there will always be immature people who are incapable of acting civil. It’s best to ignore them and let them make a fool of themselves.

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” - Mark Twain

I honestly don’t think this will have any effect in a potential employers decision to hire you. It is unfortunate to hear those things though, but you have to remember, as JBaldwin said, people have a tendency to do and say stupid things due to the anonymity provided by the internet. You know the quality of your work, that’s what matters most. Typically when people post insulting comments it is because they themselves are hurting, or are probably jealous of the skills you possess. The best thing you can do is to ignore them, their aim is to get a reaction out of you and make an impact with their provocative comments. If you don’t give them that satisfaction, then they’re just wasting their time. =)

If you make public things you need to armor up for such situations

Hiya mate,

First off, block all likes and dislikes on YouTube, (they’re a complete waste of space anyway) and have all comments by approval only. Over the years I’ve had my fair share of pathetic trolls on YouTube and alike, so I and my two moderators just delete their comments before anyone in the world sees them. When you have comment approval on, only you and the ***** who who posted the hate message can see it :), so you delete it and block them.
The like scenario is another pointless thing that Google should remove from YouTube, because no matter how great something is, there will always be some loser out there who dislikes it, (mostly because they’re jealous douche bags :smiley: ) I disabled liking on day one, (5 years ago)

Don’t be disheartened, most negative people will have very sad lives and probably end up poor or working in a factory somewhere :slight_smile:

When did working in a factory become something bad, to be wished upon one’s enemies? Just curious.