Forum dating system unreadable

This might sound like a joke post but it is not. I like 95.4% of the rest of the world can’t read the US dating system. The US is the only country in the world that has the month then day then year. No other country does this. Most countries use the day then month then year. I like lot of people follow posts based on when they were posted. For sub forums like Work in Progress, Released Projects and Community Content, Tools and Tutorials it can be handy to quickly glance at the date under the post and see which are the newest posts. I can’t do this with the American dating system I have to completely rewire my brain and ignore 40 years of knowing what the right way to do a date is.

I know a lot of Americans will not think this is a big deal but look at these dates and tell me how long it takes you to figure them out. 21/12/06 15/06/16 13/01/01 For me and most of the world I can tell instantly what those dates are. I’m guessing any Americans looking at those dates will take a few moments to figure them out. Obviously the forum was set up with the dates of posts to be visible for a reason, because it is handy to quickly see when the post was posted.

Now I’m not asking you to change to a non American dating system because that will never happen. All I’m asking is for you to put a bit of extra code in the forum website to be able to detect where the user is from and if its outside the US to then use the proper dating system.

Hahaha… I feel your pain, maybe not so bluntly though :stuck_out_tongue:

What is even more a pain in the butt: Weeks starting on Sundays… And of course the unique rule for weeks overlapping a year (Week 53, 54 or week 01)…
Try to do a business report for both sides of the atlantic becomes quite a struggle… :slight_smile:

I want UNIX time :smiley:

holy hyperbole

Actually you can change week ending to any day you want in settings :slight_smile:

Yes, I can :slight_smile:
But the exec managers, in their little bubble world, dont want to change settings and insist that the same excel file shows the correct data, whether you open it from the US, or the European office.
And of course no VBA or other scripting allowed…

Still beats tinder :smiley:

At least UE4 uses centimeters.

America needs to catch up with the rest of the world and drop the unit of measurement based on the length of some guys foot :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean the USA… :wink:
Most other american countries already have the metric system :slight_smile:

Not only the foot. Also the thumb.
Although I find a system that suggests the mutilation of the royal sovereign somewhat amusing.
“Your highness, could you please chop up your thumb into 16 equally sized slices and give me 3 of them. I need to measure 3/16” :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, you know nothing about imperial system and your judgemental comments out of place because of that. Educate yourself before making jokes about imperial system.
Here 2 min video which gonna help you.

Not sure if serious…

You didn’t watch the video did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m saving that link for the next time I see someone arguing for Imperial measurements, demonstrates it perfectly :slight_smile:

I see the topic has derailed into Imperial vs Metric ( thanks mods :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I just wanted to come in and clarify that we don’t have any plans to change the current dating system on the forums. I’m not arguing that you haven’t made good points, because you have, but it’s just what we prefer here.

For making it change to reflect your region, I’ll ask about what can be done for that. We’re working on a vBulletin 5 move, so it may be something we can squeeze in.