[Forum] Change Threads Title?

I don’t know if this is even possible with vbulletin, but is there a way to change your thread title? One of my release thread titles is no longer apt for the content inside, so I’d like to change it without making a new thread and losing the content. Does this functionality already exist? Could we see it in the future?

Thank you!

You should be able to edit the first post (in Advanced mode) or go to the Administrative Tools menu and choose Edit Thread if you started the thread. You can change the title there.

Interesting question. Because as far as I know just moderators + staff from epic games can change the “real” titel of a thread -> members are just abel to change the titel which will be displayed under “reply to thread” button (but that was some months ago when I had to change one for a user, probably it has changed :))

There was a 5 minute limit to the period where users could edit their own thread titles. I just removed that limit.

Thanks, ! But the problem I’m facing isn’t the meta title; as pointed out, members can only change the thread title within the thread, not the thread title that shows up on the topic list.


I just tried to change the title of the thread. While it did change the title within directly above my post, it didn’t change what people see on the topic list, and that’s what I want to be able to change without having to bug a moderator :smiley:

Just found this in my list of UE4 links :wink:


“I have talked about this to our forum crew and title editing is behaving as expected. Unfortunately, on these forums your thread topic is tied to the URL and can cause issues if changed, so it had been restricted. You can still change the threads sub-title, which is the “Title” field that you were seeing before. I hope this helps you with your thread for your tutorials.”

@Jared Therriault/@all - When you need a title change, dont hesitate to contact me -> a short pm (just tell me what you want to change and I will do it) :slight_smile:

Yes, I have that problem as well. I wrote on my thread: “Edge grabbing”, but latter I changed to “Ledge grabbing”, but it only changed inside the thread. Looking from outside, still says “Edge grabbing”.

Also, it would be nice if we could remove polls that we added.


Maybe the setting I changed only works on threads created after I changed it. It is supposed to allow you to change your own thread title. if that’s not the case, that is a stupid setting. :slight_smile:

Just yell at a moderator or admin if you ever need something and can’t take care of it yourself. We are all here to help.