Forum broken - many images just filenames

The forum seems to be broken in many places. I did already post in another thread about this. Here’s another example

And here is a screenshot showing the issue: one image is only filename, others are shown.


And I found this in many other threads on the forum, basically making many tutorials and answers useless. I did not find these issues before the forum had been changed some time ago.

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Except for one like, no one else facing that problem? I remember to have seen posts, where someone complained on missing images as well.
And, I believe, that this might be a huge problem when looking towards the planned changes in terms of the “direction to take with Answerhub” - I did not yet reply to that…
What should be avoided in any case is a migration of content to the Forum Platform, and then loosing images for the Answerhub as well.

Not so, this is a widespread problem. I linked your post into a thread that’s getting some visibility from Epic right now. That link appears in the footer of your original post. :wink: In that thread, Stormrage also comments that many of his threads are still broken. But if you do not call Epic reps to your thread using @ they likely won’t even notice! Why? Since 2017 there’s almost no interaction / engagement from Epic. Will this change with UE5? IDK… :confounded: