Forum badges

Hey guys,
how are these badges working and how do I get these? In particular the beta participant badge. At YAGER I am working on UE4 for multiple years now. I think we even had voxel lighting back in the days when I first started that engine. Is that beta enough? :smiley:

Is there an overview of all the badges somewhere?

Those are all badges that are available atm:

-beta β†’ just for beta testers - when you have access to the beta section in the UDK forum, then you are surely a beta tester (otherwise contact Chance ) :smiley:
-moderator β†’ when you are a moderator
-epic partner β†’ for partners of epic games (speedtree, ark devs, nvidia devs,…)
-spotlight member β†’ when you were mentioned in the stream
-engine contributor β†’ when you added C++ code to the engine
-epic staff β†’ being epic :stuck_out_tongue:
-GameJamFinalist β†’ when you are on place 1-3 with your game jam game

More information: :slight_smile:

Thx for that overview!

It would (would have?) been cool to give badges to everyone who paid for the engine when it was 19$ a month, but only to those that pad every single month since release to free release.

Yeah yeah, we engineers like to stroke our egos as well.


Personally I feel like that is just rewarding those that could’ve afforded it at the time (I couldn’t). I do have a question for anyone that knows, for the engine contributor badge, what exactly needs to be contributed? Let’s say that just a small bit of functionality was missing from the engine, or maybe the devs forgot one small thing, if I were to add the code to fix it up, would that count as an engine contribution?

I think all you need to do is have pull request accepted, whatever it a bug fix, small code added etc. but i’m not sure

So, how can we get a star version of the marketplace badge nowadays? since that rather dumb voting for marketplace packs is gone nothing got replaced with it.
go back to how it was previously? sell 5 or so packs on the marketplace?