Forum/answerhub keeps signing me out

Not sure if it’s been reported or if the staff is aware, but ever since the latest forum update both answerhub and the forums have repeatedly signed me out. IIRC it’s also happened to the marketplace/main site as well. Hitting the sign in button automatically logs me in, but whenever clicking UE4 links from other sites, especially to answerhub, I am given an error since I’m not logged in which is annoying. I then have to load up the forums in another tab, hit the sign in button, then click the link again.

Noticed this too.
Never bothered to mention it myself though.

What is more odd, if I open the forums and answerhub/sales report I get logged out, but if I open answerhub and/or sales report I stay logged in O_o

Yeah it is bizarre lol. Hopefully it gets sorted out.

We’re looking into this, thanks for the report. Our online team hasn’t logged down a reproduction yet though.

If anyone else is also having these issues, please share your experience here.

It just happens randomly to me. It’s mostly apparent though whenever I google UE4 related questions that lead me to the forum or answerhub.

This is still happening, although a new problem is whenever I come to the forums sometimes it puts me in an endless login loop. I have to close that tab, go to the website, then return to the forums for it to allow me access to the forum properly.

After this forum software upgrade, now the forums keep me in an infinite login loop (only in mobile)

I had the same. opening first and then from there going to the forums “fixed” it

keeps happening over and over. some times opening and going to the forums doesn’t fix it
any news about this?

As a temporary solution, sign out of your account in, go to the forums, and log in again - this workflow always works for me.

Hi, any news on this?

It’s been several years now but I still have to sign into any website based epic services several times a day. :frowning:

Desktop based applications using Epic sign in such as Quixel software or Epic launcher are fine. Those keep me signed in, but forums, documentation, publisher portal, etc… all keep signing me out several times a day :frowning:

Seriously obnoxious typing anything up on Answerhub only to be told I have to login to post or that it couldn’t execute the action.

I have the same problem as @Grot13 and @Arkiras. I signed into AnswerHub, whether going to it from the forum or directly. Then, when I click the Post Answer button, it doesn’t work or it’ll say I need to be logged in to post. I need to refresh page, then click blue Login button (located where Post Answer button is when logged in), and then clicking the Post Answer button works since I’m logged in. It’s auto-logging me out sometimes when I try to post what I’ve written in the text area.

I am having this issue as well trying to answer questions on the answerhub. oftentimes in between image uploads I will find I’m sitting there with 0 percent progress. loading a new window of the answerhub shows a sign-in label where my name should be. I have to refresh the post page i’m trying to answer and retype/upload everything when this happens. very frustrating.

Its true… The Forums & Answerhub like to reward users for typing long detailed posts by simply ‘eating’ them… :stuck_out_tongue:
TLDR: Epic largely abandoned the Forums / AnswerHub back in 2017. There’s no one at the wheel anymore.

Overall the tech is great, but the attitude is shtty. Read accounts of Fortnite ‘crunch’ in the media, or follow Glassdoor reviews for Epic, and you’ll see a very different corp from the one that launched UE4. Back then, Epic were a much smaller firm and they actually needed community help to help fix their broken engine (2014-2016). How quickly that all gets forgotten… Essentially, if you’re not a paying customer (licensee), you’re not really a customer of Epic, not anymore. If anyone ever wondered if money makes a corp care more, there’s the answer! :rolleyes:

I can’t even log-in anymore without having to just keep trying (stuck on a spinning blue anim where the log-in button is). So often I just give up and browse the Forums / Answerhub logged-out. The truth is, Epic don’t offer any support (Forums / AH are all outsourced). Most devs learned that the hard way back in 2017. What’s changed since? Fewer community managers and even less replies (with absolutely no incentives for devs to post anymore). So basically you need to be self-sufficient to progress with this engine. Otherwise try Godot.:wink:

If they think that they have fixed the broken engine they are wrong. It is just usable. Unreal Engine is still a broken engine! And there are very potent engines which have started being free this year!

I am all for open source and willl switch to godot once it release the vulkan version and realtime GI (4?)

+1… For those who missed the memo maybe, can you list some of those other ‘potent’ engines please? (In the interest of healthy competition and all that:D). Unreal offers some of the best tech around. But inside Epic-HQ right now they’re having something of a decadent moment imo (management stakeholders especially). That’s when a lot of civilizations fall (hubris kills greatness). Its not too late to fix all that. But I fear the out-sized riches from fortnite means that won’t happen… ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Here is list of those potent ‘engines’.
No openly available engine is as complete and feature rich as unreal. Neither Unity nor Godot 4 is half as good as unreal.
There were close contenders for unreal which was not available free unity Q1 2020, Unigine. and Q4 2020,
Unigine had only focused on the enterprise before and are now trying to gain market share in game industry.

Unig.ine pros

No crash at all!
Very high performance
Far better for open world games. Literally as big as solar system can be made
Uses all logical thread -1 for multi threaded game thread and super async loading system.
Engine uses SIMD, avx for performance
Native linux support and performance.
Multiple distributed compiling system support (even open source!)
High poly mesh import and in a scene (26 million in a scene).
Quality real time global illumination on directx and opengl, irrespective of hardware.
Lot of feature in lighting like Voxel lighting, Dynamic lighting voxel volumes
Uv editing in the engine or UV-less workflow support.
Faster iteration time and faster c++ coding. C# (not recommended even by them).
Runtime terrain editing and saving.
Far better and customizable system for culling. Portal (Interior exterior system)
Static mesh based vehicle system
Extremely fast but limited physics system with rigid body destruction system (destruction not as good as chaos)
Local physics Weather system. fields,
Virtual textures, Global ocean, volumetric cloud as engine feature, which work even on very low end system.
Good use of imposters. Virtual unlimited view distance.
Good documentation. Downloadable offline API and examples.
Better implementation of c++. gcc, clang, and vsc++ compilers supported
write code in both C++ and C#.
3d AI path finding!
Active forum. Community staff and even CEO occasionally gives answers (good old memories for old ue4 forum members…)


No vulkan support
No source code available
**Has to be online to start the engine.
Though more performant engine, there closed mentality ******hindering adoption, might even cause their downfall
Very low end system and mobile will not run engine or compiled project (minimum is sse4.2)
No assertions like ue, and hide some bugs with some thread freezing (good or bad?)
Unless you are are pro developer in any engine don’t think of switch because there is no youtube tutorials!
No Visual material editor nor visual coding system like blueprint (those are in R&D from few years)
Very poor animation system.
No speed-tree support (or spend $1000? for speedtree indie)
Almost all coveted features are not available in community version. (there are features that can make unreal users drool!)
Unreal is a complete engine with all and more features than you need to complete any kin of game. Such features you will have to implement on your own.
Render can only achieve 90 percent of the realism of unreal.
basic particle system which can never come anywhere near Niagara
Hair sim not as good as Niagara groom simulation system.
Blend shape has to be controlled in code, LOL!
No third party tutorials. (But its not a problem for veterans!)
Company attitude: Unigine “free version is just to support creative freedom” “We will not give the advanced feature of the engine unless you pay beforehand with subscription” (imagine how much a medium indie team will have to pay for each seat" Unreal says “we succeed only when you succeed" "take all the plugins even the enterprise one freely

Best thing I like about unigine is that its a professional engine that with** Linux performance that equals windows.** In unreal half performance disappears as soon as you use the editor or game on Linux. The promise that Linux will be first class citizen on ue4 is yet to be fulfilled. The difference between performance for native games should not be more than 10 percent according to intel gpu engineers. They said that if Linux native game performance is not within 90 percent of windows then it is either badly coded game or some engine issue.

I have used Unig.ine to test for a few month both c++ side and engine features.

F.l.a.x. e.n.g.i.n.e

It was made by a single person working around 3 years. It is way better than unity and it has many features of unreal and is made for 3d unlike Godot.
visual scripting, animation graph, source code, async streaming and auto LOD streaming! (nan…te!).

What fl.a.x has shown that is that a single person can with extreme hard work can make an engine which is can potentially rival ue.

This is a wake-up call! Learning this from, If the vastly superior UE engine team makes UE.5. from scratch this they can make all other engine bite dust!

**Besides all options still I will not switch unless if epic screws us further by enforcing online usage. **Is epic thinking on implementing that as on windows pc I get warning that you are using engine offline ? :frowning:

read potent engine. It was a typo!
Edit: Lol typo became a prefigure! we witnessed 2 new potent engine in 2020!

I just want UE to improve and be better and so I wrote the above. No Offense Please!