I looks like Fortnite is now pre-order, just deciding which edition

When you want to support epic games you could choose the limited package. Otherwise the basic version is enough to have fun (I have played fortnite in the beta -> is a pretty good game :smiley: )

I chose the deluxe version. The anticipation. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, do you get access to the beta when you pre-order the game? I know it’s just a month away.

I believe what I am getting is the beta and they have being giving out codes to the alpha.

Unfortunately no email giving me a code to the alpha :/. However this appeared… (browsing at


Foolishly I clicked download and it helpfully re-installed my epic games launcher. Such a tease.

Maybe I could plead for a code on the basis that I have bought the beta. I understand the actual release is sometime in 2018.

Awesome cinematic trailer!

Yes, awesome. I can’t wait for the movie - you heard it here first!

I love Fortnie, and I hope it will grow. Played a lot of alpha. Epic are great folks, I bough a bit of game currency to support them. And they gave me game pack that is slightly more expensive than sum of $$ i spent. So I probably upgrade my game to next bigger pack to support them again.

In last Epic livestream someone mentioned that fortnite cinematic is rendered in unreal engine. Is it really a realtime render???

It is… but in the 4.17 stream it was mentioned that it can only run at laughable 24 fps on extremely capable hardware.
You would not be able to actually play a game with these graphics for at least 1-2 more generations of gpus.

I know but still I can’t believe we have that anti aliasing-motionblur-dof in a realtime engine. Because I also make cg animation with unreal engine I want to really know how can we achieve such quality.
I also want to know how they create those purple smokes. I wish they release a making of or a learning material for their animation/rendering pipeline for this cinematic.

I been playing this game for a long time since it was in Alpha I in the past already had the thought that the game was out, but I didn’t know there was editions of it, just get the standard one.

friend me on fortnite tell me your name then I will type it in then we can play to gether

Bonjour je suis un joueur français sur fortnite et je cherche à associer mon compte xbox live et epic mais quand je tente de l’associer çà me marque que mon compte xbox live et déjà associer à un compte epic alors que je n’ai rien fait

merci d’avance

The New one

I choose deluxe version

Limited edition :cool:​​​​​​

Can I please have the fortnite code

Epic games can I please have the fortnite code

okay man, no need to struggle. here is fortnite unblocked