Fortnite update restarts

My problem is with the restarting of the download of fortnite.
2 months ago my laptop got formatted so I have to download fortnight again.
It’s size was 21 gb, so I paused it each day. When I downloaded it to 12 gb it restarted the next day.
I tried doing it again and did 11 gb and it restarted again.
But finally I was able to download it.Now when the fortnite 2 is out i am getting the same error again.
I did 6.5gb and it restarted. And now it’s 16.7 gb but when I did it on the release date it was 15 gb.Any update might have came out.
I have downloaded a bit. But is there a way by which I can get my data back or the download gets back .
Because I don’t want to waste my parents data on my games
Please help me
Thank you