Fortnite Popularity

I feel like Fortnite has had a popularity explosion. Everybody I know is playing it. Even people who aren’t gamers are playing games now because of how fun it is. They were actually discussing the game on the news this morning which I thought was interesting. It was mostly about it’s popularity as of late, and that Epic Games has made 233 million dollars since it’s release through small but frequent in-game sales. That’s awesome news for Unreal Engine. I’m looking forward to how the engine will continue to develop. They did talk somewhat about the business model of in-game sales however. Seems like it’s a controversial topic. I personally might spend some money on in-game stuff, but not quite as much as some people have reportedly dumped on there characters just so they can get an edge. Hey, it seems to be a great business model though. All in all, I’d say it’s good for UE4 developers.

The company behind the widely acclaimed games, such as, Unreal Tournament, Gears of War and Fortnite, have the pleasure to present: Unreal Engine.

The company behind GooBall, have the pleasure to present: Unity.

I will make the next game and make UE4 proud, but for now… yeah we see us in 2-3 years lol

hehh… Nope, they are making that per month.
Last month Fortnite made almost $296 million, last month alone.

Tim Sweeney is on his way to becoming a billionaire.

What’s this -Unreal-Engine- thing you all speak of???
Do you actually mean: the ‘Fortnite-Game-Engine’? :stuck_out_tongue:
If this is the new reality, see you all on the LY forums! :eek:

The entire UE4 community reaps the rewards so if you’re a dev Fortnite is essentially showing us the future of the engine in regards to multiplayer. Fortnite multiplayer optimization embedded directly into the engine, yes please!

Btw, there I was talking about possibility very possible to happen, just like CryTek did when they though they had the ball…
After the hype was over we all see where CryTek is at now :s, almost dead (when compared to who they were few years ago).

Man, switching to another engine would just be depressing. I feel like I’m just starting to get a handle on UE4.

I sure hope LY doesn’t follow Stingray’s path.

The only reason I don’t use LY currently is because their Editor can’t support 4K display at all.
Sht is slow as hell on a 4K screen, can’t work like that… I have great GPU and a 16 core CPU, but their Editor just won’t use any of the hardware to its favor.
UE4’s Editor is super smooth, CE5 Editor is also absurdly smooth here; Unity’s Editor is just a little less slower than LY.

@EvilCleric Any more to say on that. In what sense, this???
Seems like Amazon have more invested than Autodesk tho…
The Cloud-Gaming aspect for starters. But, you never know…

I feel a bit out of the loop here… What exactly is LY? :confused:

I think they are talking about Amazons Lumberyard.

Ah of course! Thought there was some new engine I hadn’t heard of so I tried searching for LY Engine on google ended up finding nothing but a bunch of random engineering companies.

Thanks, I need more coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lumberyard Game engine, fork of the cryengine 3.x Fully Customizable Game Engine - Amazon Lumberyard -Amazon Web Services

Yeah I know about it thanks, had a bit of a brain fart and couldn’t figure out what LY meant… :wink: