Fortnite on ue5?

Hello! :slight_smile: I apologize if this is not the correct place for this question…

Epic has stated back in May 2020 with the unveiling of UE5 that they will be porting Fortnite over to UE5 to make use of it’s new technology around mid-2021.

I know originally UE5 had a release of late 2021 and now an early 2022 date. Does this mean Fortnite will also get a push-back date as well I assume? If so, have they stated a new estimated date? I have searched the forums and have been watching their live streams over the past weeks with UE5 but haven’t seen any new information on this. I feel at this point it will probably release when UE5 officially releases early next year…

Does anyone know? Thank you in advance for any info! <3

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