Fortnite..offline even thought i am not?

small ball for status server is red/offline even thought i am not,
and my friends can not see me"!“!”!


For issues with Fortnite, please visit

You’ll find various troubleshooting articles, and an Email Us button that you can use to get in touch with one of our support staff to assist you further.

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Yet i still cant find the answer in the site, the way you search things doesn’t work. Can you redirect us (Send us the link) to where we can actually find an answer??! to that specific question

when they dont know the answer they just hit you with “visit the support site” bs.

We are only directing people to the proper website for Fortnite issues, this website is for UE4 developers.

If you have a problem with Fortnite, either use the link provided above, or ask on the Fortnite forums, located here:

Thank you