Fortnite models and textures

Hey guys,

I’m making a horror game with someone I met a few days ago, he has ALS. He saw me using Unreal Engine and now he wants to learn it too (really bad) so I want to help him make a game before it might be too late
It’s a level per level system and one of the theme’s is Fortnite.

I want to know if it’s possible to extract or download: the battle bus, a tree & a grass texture?

I tried searching on google but I had no results so far. That’s why I’m here and hope you guys can help me!

I’ll explain the general idea here: your battle bus malfunctions, it crashes on the island. You wake up outside with the bus in pieces and faint whispers in the distance. You investigate, walking towards the bushes where the sound is coming from. You peek over and see two men in white lab coats, must be scientist or professors. They start walking towards the entrance of an underground facility and fade away in the distance. Hmm… that’s odd you think and you decide to follow them…

Once inside you find out that everything is a lie. You’re in a simulation testing program funded by the government to convert criminals to super soldiers. The rip in the sky is just a glitch in the system. You find out your name is: [Insert Name] and you got a life sentence for… [let’s just say something big].

Hey! wtf was that!? - I don’t know, go take a look?, You hear before the power cuts out and all what’s left is screaming, dripping and darkness. You later find out that the scientists have been messing with people’s DNA and that’s why those… ‘things’ are coming after you. Wait a minute… You thought while scratching your head What was in that slurp juice…?.


I I hope you guys can help me out, that was just the short version of the story but if you want to know more I will gladly tell =)!


Fortnite assets are not available to the public.

Would it maybe be possible then for me to contact them and asking them directly?
I would be happy with just a low poly model and I would leave out the texture then.

Ask that on Fortnite forum.

Oke I will, thanks for the tip!

Fortnite is not open source. So you cannot get them.

Fortnite forum is available on Reddit only.

Fortnite Project?