Fortnite map into unreal engine?

Hello, I’m still new to UE4 but I’d love to make an animation in fortnite but in UE4 so i can edit lights, sky, etc…
Do you think this is possible, if so how? I’ve been trynna find a way but im pritty stuck atm…

  • QuinnFX

You can’t, Fortnite’s assets aren’t available for editing

oh that’s sad. as I said pritty new :confused: there must be a way to make them able no?

No, for one Epic doesn’t want people editing the game (since that could lead to cheating) but also it’s their IP and they’d have to give permission.

Devs almost never give people the access you’re looking for. Primarily looking at single player games that can be modded, Fortnite? Way too valuable an IP to let anyone have their hands on the assets. If they gave away source code it’d be hacked immediately as well.

Hmm, I see. But I don’t see any potentional danger if they just release the map / animations, etc… I mean how are you suppoed to code cheats if you don’t actually have the game gun data etc, I mean you know where I’m getting to, wright?

Also, I saw a friend of mine “enigma” from "T3C’, you might know him, making an edit and he made some nutty first person shots in the replay mode, the edit looks dope but I can’t find a way to get a nice first person . Altough there’s a first person option in STW, there is none in BR. Any toughts how he did this?

Any change can lead to an advantage in the game, for example you could make it so that people are easier to see

And how would you do that? I mean like if I have the map that is editable, and a character mesh that you can replace skins on, i don’t really see a potentional because there’s no coding involved. Just only motion and graphic design. So sad. I really wanted to do this :confused:

For one, the map is huge, if you could edit it, you could take away all the foliage and things for people to hide behind. For a simple skin change you could make someone bright red so they’re easier to see. It doesn’t take much.

Yea but there’s a difference between tweaking lights settings and meterials on meshes and making cheats. I think Epic should make the map editable for motion designers like me. :smiley:

There’s also a difference between people who will use that opportunity to cheat and who not. If epic let designers edit the map, then cheaters have access too.

@OhhQuinnFX Long story short, Epic does not allow this, so arguing this or that may or may not be cheating is irrelevant.

If Epic decides to officially release it as a standalone project without any Fortnite code, then you are free to do as you please, but as of right now you would be in breach of the EULA and/or terms of service, which will result in your account being banned from Fortnite.

Lastly, a quick warning for anyone thinking about posting any Fortnite content, or anything related to illegal ways of obtaining it:
You will be banned from this website and Epic staff will be informed, which will result in your account being banned on Fortnite too.

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Does it have to be Fortnite?

The Shooter example is a fully playable game example and you can edit any way you wish.

No it doesn’t I use a tool on my pc to extract everything from fortnite and other games made by epic if it was made with unreal engine you extract stuff like models animations sounds etc…