Fortnite island creator eligibility not registering

Hello, I am passing the


because I am an adult and the program is available in my region. However, I have consistently been logging into fortnite and playing the new reload mode. But it says I have

“0/30 days since you first logged into Fortnite with this account.”

I also just finished making my cool “grappler octane island” map in creative but it says

“0/7 of the last 30 days editing in Fortnite Creative, Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) and/or Unreal Engine.”

I am willing to spend $73 even though it says I can just do the first 2 options. But if the first 2 options don’t work I don’t want to risk spending money for nothing. I would much rather the first 2 options but it just isn’t working.

Are there any suggestions for what I might need to do for it to register the time I spend on creative and logged into Fortnite.