Fortnite inspired greeting card?

I have a start up greeting card company and want to print a father’s day card in our local (New Zealand Māori) indigenous language that is inspired by the blue Victory Royale banner with a father’s day greeting substituted for the ‘Victory Royale’ text. The background is a plain landscape image I have bought. It basically looks like a still image of the game.

Would I be able to sell greeting cards of this type?

Please use the Fortnite support center or Fortnite de Epic Games

Please note our fan content policy does not allow use of Epic IP for commercial purposes (Epic Games Fan Content Policy | Rules For Content Creation - Epic Games).

With that said, we aren’t really able to speak to whether a work inspired by Fortnite infringes our intellectual property, particularly where we can’t see the work. I can say, however, (1) it sounds like you have rights to the background image and (2) Epic doesn’t own blue banners.