Fortnite Grass World Offset Animation

The grass movement in Fortnite is exceptional. I wonder if just asking to see the world offset part of the graph would work. :smiley: Its definitely nicer than grass wind simple. It seems to rock back and forth vs the grass simple circular movement, but also be world aligned with just the right frequency. Anyway been noticing it and wondered what all y’all did.

It’s doubtful that they will show it off, but if they did, in less than an hour, there would be 10000000 market submissions for asset flipping and people trying to sell slight variations of the same effect.

They show off tons of things in example files that arn’t in the market place. I find most often the best most detailed materials are near impossible for anyone else to follow. I’ve made my own grass wind node, with more options but I never love the base movement, which feels circular. I think I’ll make a new one based on sine waves in x and z.

Use a panning world projected noise map. You use it as a mask multiplier vs the grass wind node output. It will add in a ton more realism and you don’t need some super high res noise map. Even a 1k texture is plenty enough.