Fortnite for 32 bit?

Hi support.Im here for the game fortnite.Will it be for 32 bit version sometime ?

32 bit is outdated and doesnt support the hardware needed for newer applications. its not likely that epic will support 32 bit going forward. im pretty sure microsoft has stopped supporting 32 bit too.

note: i dont work for epic so this is just my opinion based on my experience and education.

Hey man I used to have the same problem
but Epic Games will never make fortnite on 32 bit cuz their starting platform is 64 bit.
I suggest you upgrading ur OS or get a new PC.
Hey this just my suggestion and my thinking.

technically, this section is for answers for the Unreal Engine, not fortnite. I’d suggest you ask around for a hotfix on the epic games forum instead of here.
(you can also go on the fortnite discord, or the support center, but this is supposed to be for developers looking for support with their unreal projects.)
have a nice day.