Fortnite Creator Fireside Chat w/ Twin 6/26 at 2PM ET

Fortnite Creator Fireside Chat w/ Twin on June 26th at 2 PM ET.

Event Info: A special, live event where we bring in Fortnite Creators for a cozy fireside chat about their journeys, experiences, and to answer questions you have about their favorite topics! This event will be held here, on our official Fortnite Create Discord, in the #live-event channel – where you can chat along with the conversation!

We’re grabbing some warm coffee, starting up the fire, and having a chat with Twin on June 26th at 2 PM ET.

  • Have questions around device mechanics as a Fortnite creator?
  • Wondering how to best learn Verse programming?
  • Curious to hear how to develop your own community?
    Twin would love to share this and more!

Submit your questions for our guest in the thread below!

Some info from our guest speaker:

“Hello all, I’m Thomas but most of you know me as Twin! I’m a Fortnite Creative/Verse developer with 404 Creative that has been creating since early 2019.

I love to create fun game mechanics and help people in the community, and it’s been amazing to see everyone’s journey over the last five years! I got my start making practice maps to play with the people I hang out with, but quickly moved into working on other kinds of experiences- from deathruns to puzzle adventures to survival, and eventually went on to help start 404 Creative. I have also had the amazing opportunity to work on some of the in-game Rocket League collaborations like Rocket League Live and Rocketeer Ruins.

I’m looking forward to answering your questions and sharing some of my experiences at the Fireside Chat!”

Join Twin and Epic for our Fortnite Creator Fireside Chat in the official Fortnite Create Discord (Fortnite Creative & UEFN Official) on June 26th at 2 PM ET. See you there!

If you’re interested in being one of our special guests to share your journey and best practices, feel free to reach out to the creator community team via DM.


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