Im wondering if i make a successful game in fortnite creative with unreal editor, will i have to form a LLC? I don’t want to, this is why im asking, & im confident what i create will be a massive hit, this is a game i had planned for almost two years but now coming across fortnite creative with unreal editor, im thinking of just adding the game to that if i can alot of money this way.


What’s funny? Im ignorant concerning this


Deer, I’m not sure you can make a lot of money, but try, It’s the main way to know!

Glar to help, see!

its good to have a goal! , to answer your question it depends on your country and if you’re based in the U.S (presumably you are if you use terms like LLC) it depends on your state. setting up a basic LLC with a website that helps yous et everything up will cost around $600. id say don’t worry about it and check what amount of monthly income is required for you to need to declare yourself as independent. best of luck.

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