Fortnite: Alpha Signup & Game Informer Coverage

Hey everyone -

It probably goes without saying, but at Epic Games, we’re game developers, too. Today, we’re excited to show the world what we’ve been up to with Fortnite.

Check out coverage at: Game Informer
Also, you can sign up for the Fortnite Alpha at

Starting later today, we’ll begin a series of Fortnite related blog posts and Twitch streams to show you how we’re using Unreal Engine 4 inside of Epic Games. Look forward to hearing from you.



Been waiting to hear more info on this. Nice.

Hooked since the first trailer came out… gotta be a good game :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s incredibly fun, IMO. The combination of combat and building leads to really creative and emergent gameplay. Can’t wait until it’s openly available.

YES YES YES YES!!! I’ve been dying to try this game out ever since the trailer! I’m so excited to see more of this game and i really hope i get into the alpha :slight_smile:

Signed up for Alpha, nice. Very much looking forward to this, but I’d also like to add it’d be great to see a lot of the features used in Fortnite come as Blueprints, examples, etc… to the marketplace.

I don’t think you could really understand how excitedly I’ve been waiting to try this out, I really, really, REALLY hope I get into the alpha!

Krileon , completely agree that would be great.But probably won’t happen…

Signed up, hope I get in! :slight_smile:

Wooo! So happy we’re finally able to start showing some Fortnite stuff :).

Very much looking forwarding to see how you’ve used the new engine!

Fantastic! I’m in. :wink:

Hey Id love to see some of the UI!! :smiley:

Just got them last week.


Looking forward to another testing phase.

Yess!!! signed

Awesome. Thanks for being a part of the first phase. The game is really coming along. Stay tuned!

Well it crashed the first time and took me to the THANKS page, but I didn’t get an email so I assumed it didn’t go through. Re did it and it took me to the sorry page, so I guess I’m not your target market.

Still, looking forward to it. Hope you consider releasing it on Linux, too.

I’m planning on writing some more about how we’re using the engine to do some of the RPG elements, and maybe get one of the artists to talk more about the crazy stuff they’re doing.

This is one of those games. I’ve been waiting to hear more about it from the minute I saw it. I am really glad they are opening alpha. It looks really beautiful… DAT art style!!!

That will be a pretty cool game! Especially in the multiplayer mode:D