Fortnight Character Materials in cinematic trailer

Hey all, thanks for taking the time to read this.
I am currently working on a project that is using the Engine to Render some animation for video content. The modeling style of the characters is very heavily influenced by the art direction from Overwatch and Fortnight after we spent a long time looking at our options from Paragon’s more photo-real style to a more Cel Shaded look. Fortnight’s characters from the cinematic trailer have an excellent material quality that we landed on and are trying to replicate. While there is some really excellent information from Epic about how they approached their photo real characters in Paragon. I was wondering if either Epic or anyone in the community has some insight they could share on the Material and lighting techniques they used to create the Character skin materials that render so nicely.

We are aware of using the Advanced Lighting level as a golden standard to match our material tones and values to so we have a solid base line. We currently use Substance painter and Photoshop for our texturing.

Best example I can point to is this character from this training live stream. We would like to try to create some character skin Materials that are close to this: