Fortnight Account Hacked

My Account was hacked and my paypal was used to purchase $530 AUD which equates to $400 USD. I am awaiting a response from epic games. This has caused me to become overdue in my debt repayments and is causing me on going finical burden. How did something like this happen. More importantly when is my money going to be refunded epic. Pretty angry at this point. Any suggestions.

Hey there KeithUrban, I am sorry that this happened to you if you’ve put in a CS request they are getting to them as quickly as they can. If you do not hear anything back in the next 24/48 hours, please respond here and let me know.

How you get hacked ?

I got Two E-Mails during the last week that my Account got locked, cause some is trying to log-in. Changed my password two times, but sadly it’s seems to be impossibly to change my e-mail-adress.

My account too and my credit card used for $541.07 Poor show epic allowing our credit cards to be stolen!

@gixx Please PM me your compromised account.


Same happened to me last night. Never had any issues with my account earlier, but suddenly I got a receipt sent to my e-mail saying I spent 25 euros on 2500 V-bucks in Fortnite. I immediately changed my password, set up two factor authentication and sent a mail to the Epic helpdesk, so hopefully someone will help me out asap.

I am having the same issue, I keep getting emails saying my Account is locked from too many invalid attempts changed my password but I keep getting them.

Similar issue with fortnite being bought on my account for 149.99. My bank locked my card after the first purchase. You see several more failed attempts right after.

I have put in a request for refund.

I have put in a support ticket.

It has been 6 days since the support ticket. My bank told me to call back in 15 days if I could not get a refund so the charge could be disputed.

Any insight into what is going on with the department that handles this? Are they bogged down with complaints right now?

It is the wait that is the killer for me.

Any info could really help out.

Thank you

Same here. Saw a fraudulent charge for $149.46 on my account that posted yesterday from “Epic Games”. I let my bank know, and they are working on it. I’m posting this here because I think it’s helpful that Epic is aware of how many have been affected. I see I’m not the only one.

Any more info about this Epic? I know it`s GDC and all, but this is kind of a serious issue, so please react accordingly!


The same for me, Lost money and dont knowe howe to fix this =( Healp please

I wonder why this peps can lost his account.

did you open false website or give your password ?

Hey all, If your Fortnite account has been compromised, please head over to and click on the “email us” link on the bottom of the page.

It is not my Fortnite account that has been hacked. I dont even own the game. It is my UE4-account that has been used to buy Fortnite V-coins. I already sent two mails, but havent got a single reply yet. Not good.

Anyone managed to get in touch with Epic yet?

Anyone able to access EPIC, currently its down for me. Also in the last 24 hours i must of gotten 100 emails asking for my two factor code. Al from the India region.

Still no response from Epic. Come on guys? This is getting ridiculous…

Yes as I posted yesterday. My account also had transactions not by me made on it.

It has shown up on my banking credit card details. I have tried to get in contact with Epic via email support (when the links work?) but have not heard anything from them yet.
Don’t bother with because this is all you’ll get
Thank you for your email. This email address is not monitored. For support, please visit Go to the link and click on Account, then login.

Don’t be idle, make sure you act now!
Best steps to take is to change your Unreal profile password and activate Two Security System.
Remove your credit card details in your profile if you have saved them in.
Contact your bank and have them make sure no funds are released to EPIC GAMES *FORTNITE 919-854-0070 (should be described on your statement).
The bank should ask you if you have dealt with this account before (market place purchases?) then yes, but Epic is responsible for the leaked accounts -
This gives the bank a means to reject funds being released into said account.

Keep an eye on the exchange rate refunds! Make sure if the money was refunded it adds up to the exact amount in your currency.

MOST IMPORTANT!! Get the bank to cancel your credit card and send you a new one, yes this is annoying but this scam may only be after your credit card information for NOW and may still be used in the future.

If the bank bounces back money from the EPIC GAMES *FORTNITE 919-854-0070 account, you will need to speak to your bank again in the future to have this account usable again, otherwise any market place purchases in the future will be declined.
Best bet is to use PayPal.

Good luck everyone.

It has been almost a week now of silence from Epic on their security breach.
No replies of the multiple emails sent off to them.
Such poor form Epic.