Fornite: Game won't launch

Having issues playing fortnite. I downloaded the game maybe 3 days ago. First night playing, no issues whatsoever, and then every day after that my game would crash when I tried to launch it from the Epic Games Launcher.

I have tried veryifying the files, uninstalling and reinstalling, redownloading directX and none of these have worked - I am on my last legs with trying to figure out what is wrong.

For some unknown reason I couldn’t attach my DxDiag via a .doc or .txt file so I’ve uploaded it to pastebin: DxDiag -

I don’t use a proxy and also both Fortnite and EpicGamesLauncher are both allowed through my firewall.

I enabled debug logging and this is the result: FortNite Crash - (again couldn’t attach .txt files)

Any help is greatly appreciated as I am out of ideas.

The AnswerHub is for UE4 development questions, not Fortnite game questions. Please use the Fornite forums for that.

Its a good game