Formula animation from Cinema 4D to U4

Hello Everyone

I try to export a .fbx from C4D r16 to Unreal4 and even if U4 can see all the frames of my short Formula animation, my object doesn’t move as in C4D. Of course there is no keyframe on my animation, just a formula with deform my object in C4D. How could I export my object and his animation to U4 ?
Here is some screenshots of my exports settings
thanks a lot !

Not really as familiar with C4D as I’d like to be but it seems that it needs to be converted into a point cache and then baked

It seems you have a ffd type deformation going on on that mesh, Unreal will not accept any vertex level deformations unless they are skinned or morphed. In both cases it has to be skinned and at least one bone present in the mesh. Point cache, Alembic or mesh sequence of any kind is yet not supported in unreal. I believe they had a mesh sequencer export for 3ds max only through a script, but I haven’t tested it if it works as I imagine it to.

Your best bet is to skin the mesh and use a morph sequence to animate it, you may have to write a script unless you want to individually select a sequence of morph targets every 2 frames and key those manually. Good luck.

Bummer and cheers for the info! Is that not mitigated by the ‘bake object’ functionality?

Thank you EricDarkomen, but even after converting my mesh into a point cache and baking it, I still don’t have any motion on U4.

William K, about skinning a mesh and use a morph sequence to animate my mesh, could you be more specific please ?
Thanks again guys

Like I said, don’t bother with pointcache or any other baking tool, not even vertex baking will work.

The only way is to skin the mesh, I don’t know the term in cinema4d but it’s like putting bones in a character and skinning the mesh to the bones to follow. In your case you need just one bone with the mesh “skinned” to it and then you will have to assign morph targets to the mesh. You need to capture the state of your deforming mesh every 2 frames, so if you have an animation which is 60 frames long you need to one by one capture every 2 frames of the mesh and put it in the morph channels so you can later key every 2 frames and have a long sequence of morphed animation (look up the help file for morphing in cinema4d if you are not familiar), after animating the morph and skinning the mesh to the single bone you will be able to export it to unreal.

Note the reason I mention 2 frames and not every frame is to save on morph targets and hence performance in unreal, so instead of having say 60 morph targets for every frame you will have 30 and interpret every 2 frames instead, which would be visually identical.

Hope this makes sense, if it doesn’t just read up on it in help, and then you’ll understand it better.