Forming a Team

Hello Everyone,

Steven here would like to form a team, looking for people to help. Its a simple arena game, couch Co-op like Smash Bros. and Fuzion Frenzy. Trying to make it for everyone young and old for the audience, to bring people together.


Single player with co-op
Trying to make multiplayer
Ten Levels
Four Game Modes
Third person Camera

Roles Need

3D Modeler

3D Animator

2D Artist


Level Designer

Other Programmer

Community Manager


QA testers


Well I bring Programming to the team and I am in need of some team members

If instead pm me Thank You, Steven

Hi Iron Ming,

Please tell us what Game Dev Skills you bring to the table, so we know its more than just an idea guy trying to hassle Game Devs to make a game for them. We’re here to develop our own game, so we need a more than an idea to see where we can collaborate and compliment our development together. I also recommend you write a Game Dev Doc describing the game and images to help create a visual for the game. If this is your first game perhaps consider joining an established Consortium of Game CoDevelopers assisting each other in developing their games.

I bet he is a programmer, given the way he stated ‘Other programmer’ in roles needed.


I can be the 2D artist, what type of style are you planning? Should I email you or you email me?

i can 3d artist , For visit my portfolio :-
please contact me at

For my Unreal VR work :-