Former Games Developer Turned JavaScript Eng. Seeking Re-Entry at Studio


I am most known for making a procedural cover system and a 3rd person camera eons ago for UE3 (Cover system in UDK - Epic Games Forums and White Cover Tech Demo - YouTube). I briefly worked with the founder of Insurgency to co-found the commercial version of Insurgency, and exited games thereafter.

These days, I am working at Google, visualizing systems of data for decision-makers using JavaScript. Sometimes, I get my kicks when coding visual and interactive experiences, but it falls short of the creativity in games development. I would be interested to chat with studios and am open to relocation although I currently live in Denver.

I require a salary and benefits, so although I applaud the indie teams out there (keep going, go you!), I will consider serious inquiries only.

You can find more about me on LinkedIn: