Former AAA Musician Available To Multi-Genre Opportunities At Highly Flexible Rates


I am Sean Braganza, representative of Higher Eclectic Ground – Video Game Network for independent talent. It is on given consent that I’m posting on the availability of our member musician Sam Oz.

Based within France and with games such as Valiant Hearts, Child of Light and more recently, The Division on his portfolio, Oz is adept at compositions utilising traditional instruments such as the Drums, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Djembe and Xylophone or even more modern computer tools such as Virtual Studio Technology.

This supplements his constant yearning for the right kind of mood & ambience in his creations, that span the Orchestral, Classical, Heroic, Pop Rock, Metal, Ethnic & Electro Genres to name a few. His rates are highly flexible and detailed samples of his work can be heard at -

Those interested in working with him are requested to reach out to me personally via the comments below or my attached e-mail with a project proposal. I’ll then proceed to set up formal communication between both parties to discuss the project on hand, terms and the like.