Format text in numbers with dots

Hi, I have checked functions to convert strings in Time, Currency, etc. But not the desired one. There aren’t for numbers like add dots, decimals, etc. or I haven’t seen the way. For example if I’ve a int with value “1000” and wish to show in text box like “1.000”. Should be a easier way than like code parsing char by char to mask it.
Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Could you not convert the int to a float, so it becomes 1000.00000…

Then use the map range functions: to map it to the range of 0 to 1.0

This would mean that 1000.000… becomes 1.000… and 500 becomes 0.500000… and 0 becomes 0.0000…

You can then choose how ‘long’ you want it to display via UMG / string functions etc…

Don’t get your idea. Anyway did it at the end like mentonioned, creating a string through array char by char. Just asked if for strings there are already advanced functiones for that kind of different purposes, like in office suite you can format rows and tuning by params.

The “Int to Text” node should add grouping as you describe, in its advanced section.

It is localized so that it will use a ‘.’ or a ‘,’ depending on the current country. Contained in FCulture