Forklift physics dont work correctly with pallet


I am creating a forklift game and I’m running into some physic problems.

I have made it so that I can pick up a pallet with my forklift, this works fine.
When I start driving the pallet glides from the fork and when I stop it snaps back.
Backwards driving makes the pallet go away from the fork:

When I stop driving it snaps back:

Forward driving makes the pallet go through the fork collision against my truck and slowing it down:

I’m kinda stuck here and don’t know what to do.


Try playing with the damping and friction settings if you haven’t yet done so.

Also, perhaps you could enable physics sub stepping, it’s supposed to result in more stable simulations.


I have tried adjusting the friction setting for both the pallet and the fork, this makes no difference.
I’m going to try the damping settings today!

Also physics substepping is enabled!

Okay, let me know how you get on with the damping settings.

try to increase the iteration counts for velocity and position in the physics tab of the palette and the lift. It is by default on 8 and 1, I believe. Go up there. I use 160, 10. It makes a big difference in the physics.

Unfortunately this didn’t work, I did delete all dynamic lights in my scene just to test it out and the result was almost perfect.
I guess it was a lighting overload.

Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

Since I work on and with them in my job as a forklift service technician. I was just wondering before i would even start to think on how to build this robot, but would it be considered legal to somehow forklift.