Fork related Questions

Hello all

I have a fork and i am trying to sync my fork with the Epic’ repo. Although here is a nice answer about how to sync fork. There are still some questions i have.

Now my fork doesnt have 4.12 branch and although i have tried a few methods to get 4.12 branch to my fork, all failed.

How do i merge specific branches into my fork while i don’t have that specific branch? Thanks in advance.

My pro tip, if you don’t plan to submit pull requests (submit code to epic repo) just clone Epic repo directly and just pull updates and oyu also will be able to switch branches more freely, it will save you a lot of headaches. Fork is needed only if you plan to submit changes to Epic repo

I do plan to submit some pr. Anyways, so there is no easy way, huh.

One last question. When making pr do you use release or the latest version of the engine.

Then maybe somebody will help, i don’t much git expirance but what you need to do is merge UE4 repo with your github fork somehow. Alternaticly you can refork the repo, delete your repo in harddrive (leaving configuration?) and clone it again or else you already did some changes in engine