Forgot to add the fps template help!

Hello I am new to unreal 4.
I made a project got the scene all setup.
Then I realized i did not setup a character template.

How do I add this into my project!


Open fresh project with char, select char in contenbrowser, rightclick “asset” migrate select content folder of your project.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Oh one other question since you may be in the know.
If I make a blueprint with a mesh and materials for it inside the blueprint, What would I need to do to migrate it to a new project? (This means that when I load the blueprint in the new project the mesh and materials are already applied.

When I try to do this to a folder (not the whole project) that has all of the above items in it. The items make it to the new project but they are unlinked from the blueprint. Hope there is a solution